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Carter | SSAS Funded

Acquired under £25k value using a SSAS pension generating a completely tax-free income

  • SAFE: £83,000 Profit
  • SECURE: Cashflow Day One
  • INCOME: £50,000
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    Strike | Largs, Scotland

    A going concern purchased for £1.25m, the transformation forced capital appreciation to £3.5M

  • SAFE: £2.25 Million Profit
  • SECURE: 15 - 25 Year Terms
  • INCOME: £220,000 per year
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    McGroarty | SSAS Funded

    Purchased through SSAS Pension for £250k & multiple passive income streams of £30,000

  • SAFE: £50,000 Profit
  • SECURE: Cashflow Day One
  • INCOME: £30,000 per year
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    Vickys | Largs, Scotland

    Aquired for a net cost of £50,000, a current RICS Redbook valuation of £510,000 on a VP basis (vacant possession).

  • SAFE: £460,000 Profit
  • SECURE: 15 - 35 Year Lease
  • INCOME: £52,000 per year
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    Paisley | University

    This property was purchased for a Net £120,000 and had clear potential to be a profitable attraction in the local area.

  • SAFE: £120,000 Profit
  • SECURE: 5 Year Lease
  • INCOME: £24,000 per year
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    Perth | National Chain

    A building used by an industry in decline, turned an investment which creates secure long term income.

  • SAFE: £240,000 Profit
  • SECURE: 15 Year Lease
  • INCOME: £40,000 per year
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    Edinburgh| Bank Purchase

    A “Capital Bucket” strategy as the plan was to buy, refurbish and build the business up and sell for a profit,

  • SAFE: £117,000 Purchased
  • SECURE: Sold: £750,000
  • INCOME: Profit: 600,000
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    Michelle & Douglas

    A couple with no prior residential or commercial property experience with 13 streams of different income

  • SAFE: £240,000 Purchased
  • SECURE: £280,000 Value
  • INCOME: £26,900 per year
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    Impey | Mixed Use Scheme

    A mix of residential and commercial. This property sits near Aberdeen, and also resides opposite to BP’s headquarters.

  • SAFE: £1.78 million Profit
  • SECURE: £7.8 Million GDV
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    Nilesh | De-Risking

    This property consists of two retail shops with an ancillary above, it was purchased at auction for £300,000.

  • SAFE: £87,000 Profit
  • SECURE: 10 Years Lease
  • INCOME: £29,000 per year
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