Case Study | Edinburgh

This property in Edinburgh was acquired in1995, the aim of this project was to turn a distressed commercial property used into a profitable business that could be later sold while qualifying for entrepreneur’s relief enabling maximum retention of capital.

Purchase Price: £117,000

Current Value:   £750,000

Current Profit:   £600,000

Rental Income:  N/A

Investment Strategy

The original business in this property was a retail shop that had been closed. The owner disappeared and the electricity connection had been terminated. 

The strategy was to add value immediately by buying value via purchasing directly from the bank. This particular case the bank was the Allied Irish Bank in Edinburgh. 

This strategy very much fits into our “Capital Bucket” strategy as the plan was to buy, refurbish and build the business up and sell for a profit creating a “Capital Event” which we call our “Capital Bucket”. We should all be working on both your “Income Bucket” and a “Capital Bucket” strategy at some point, why? 

Capital events are fantastic opportunities to de-risk your existing investments, buy more investments without debt and never forget to have a little fun too.

Local Regeneration

Taylor Capital not only seeks to generate income for investors, but our strategies focus on the reciprocal effects of regeneration and re-profiling of the town centre which brings positive effects on local communities.  

The property in Edinburgh sits in a solid secondary location on Holme Street, Edinburgh and provided a good base to build the business.

Project Financials

The increase in value massively reduces risk and creates a capital event that enables investment into other commercial assets, accelerating the journey with a combination of secure income plays and capital event plays.

Taylor Capital
Case Study "Edinburgh"
Address 12-14 Holme Street, Edinburgh, Scotland
Purchase Price 117,000
Current Profit 600,000
Current Value Sold for £750,000
Acquisition Date May 1995
Improvements Full Refurb.
Annual rent N/A
Lease Length N/A

Project Plans & Gallery

This property was acquired in May 1995, it was a vacant commercial rpoperty with potential to be transformed into a highly profitable and functional commercial property. The aim was to renovate this property into a profitable business, with the view to be sold. If you would like to find out more about how this is possible join the Community it’s Free.