Case Study | Alex Impey

Stoneywood Gate will become a conversion of offices to a mixed use scheme. The property will soon become a mix of residential and commercial. This property sits on the outskirts of Aberdeen, it also resides directly opposite to BP’s headquarters. In 2006, the original vendor paid £5.6 million for this property, it was recently put on the market for offers over £1 million, and our client Alex acquired the property for £615,000 with a net cost of £305,000. How is that possible I hear you ask, watch the video to hear the full story.

Purchase Price: £305,000

Current Value:   £650,000

Projected Profit:   £1.78 million

GDV:  £7.8 million

Investment Strategy

This property was purchased with an existing tenant in place with a very short term lease left circa 3 months. A major part of the purchase strategy involved decreasing the capital cost by receiving both a rent cheque on day one and also further decreasing the capital cost with a dilapidations claim against the tenant that was leaving. 

These creative commercial strategies to add value by buying value are very much part of what we teach others in the Club. If you would like to learn more then come and join us it's free, just click the link below and register.

This development is a hybrid of a long term income play and a capital play. The residential units will be created and sold creating a capital event and the commercial will be held creating multiple long term income streams.

Local Regeneration

Taylor Capital not only seeks to generate income for investors, our strategies focus on the reciprocal effects of regeneration, bringing positive benefits to local communities. Stoneywood Gate will boost the local economy by providing new affordable homes from the residential side, and then providing multiple job opportunities from the commercial. This asset will increase the value of this local area, catering to the existing demand.

Project Financials

The increase in value and high-quality lease arrangements with long term national brands hugely reduces risk and creates a lowly geared investment that will survive and thrive during the next economic correction.

Taylor Capital
Case Study "SSAS & CrowdFunding Hybrid"
Address Alba Gate, Stoneywood Business Park, Aberdeen
Purchase Price 305,000
Projected Profit 1,780,000
Estimated Current Value 7,800,000 Projected
Acquisition Date January 2020

Project Plans & Gallery

The plan for this project is to transform Stoneywood Gate from an old office to a multi-use development.