Commercial Property & Business Aquisition


We Acquire Commercial Assets to Provide Business Owners With Liquidity & De-risk their Wealth!

Taylor Capital is a family business that helps small and medium business owners sell their business swiftly & profitably

We have completed transactions up to a value of £29.7m and have worked and completed transactions involving multi jurisdictional, off-shore entities, Plc’s, distressed asset purchases from banks and are keen to acquire both profitable businesses with a future and distressed businesses that can be brought back to life.

We are interested in acquiring businesses in the following sectors:

Businesses with Commercial Real Estate 

with profits from £500k

Businesses with commercial real estate, via agent, direct to vendor or bank’s distressed asset division via IP’s and their respective agents.

  • Care homes
  • Medical centers
  • Children’s day care
  • Funeral care

We are interested in acquiring commercial property with the following criteria:

Commercial Real Estate  

Prices Between £200k - £5m

Commercial real estate with shorter term tenancies and vacant uppers.

  • Community, Convenience, Everyday Essential Spend
  • Business Services Parades of shops in affluent areas
  • High Street Brands & Small Local Independents
  • Food Stores, Dentists, Medical, Vets, Funeral, Hot Food Delivery etc.
  • Light Industrial let or partially let 

Helping You Sell Your
Business Swiftly & Profitably!

We Create Long Term Secure Income From Day One - Join Us!

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