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Deals: 41  ~ Deal  Value: £ 83  Million

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Whether you're looking to create deals yourself or let us do all the work. Taylor Capital Club works with Investors to create cashflow from day one while reducing your risk.

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Deals: 41  ~ Deal  Value: £ 83  Million

Investment Success Stories

Chris Carter

"Dan can help you compress time building your commercial investment so much quicker than on your own. With Dan’s knowledge and support I was able to go into the deal with great confidence."

Ross Benson

"Simply by following the course, I was able to source my first deal within the 4th week. I was able to build relationships with local professionals and as a result we have yet another offer."

Ian Taylor

"Dans knowledge of commercial property, combined with his experience with business brings a lot of fusion. As a result of that, I am now putting offers on multi-million pound properties."

We Create Long Term Secure Income From Day One - Join Us!

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