Success Is on The Other Side of Fear

Mar 04, 2021 11:26am


In this episode of the Art of Acquisitions podcast, Dan interviews Adam Markley. Adam is CEO and Co-Founder of PROX Capital Group and Dealmaker Wealth Society. He is partners with Carl Allen and together they acquire businesses. Adam has owned and ran companies across a wide range of industries, touching nearly 500 businesses. In this podcast, Adam talks through his experience in buying businesses, touching on both his failures and successes. 


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The Art of Acquisitions #003 Success Is on The Other Side of Fear – Interviewing Adam Markley



To be successful in acquisition you need to start getting out of your comfort zone, success is just the other side of fear.

Adam was working in accountancy and fell in love with small businesses, he started to have visions and ideas about acquiring them to create wealth. Fast forward to now and he has businesses in both the US and the UK and owns property in three different countries. He has never lost his excitement and passion for what he does and today shares why this is as well as how he does it.


  • We can use real estate as a leverage to acquire more businesses. There is so many more deals to be had that you can use and ‘unlock’ by buying property.

  • It’s important to do research so you utilise legislation that works for your acquisition, it differs greatly between projects and even more so between countries. You can save money and make deals more appealing to investors if you get this right.

  • Adam’s perfect vendor demographic is very broad in terms of sector so to narrow things down he focuses on B2B businesses (such as services and contractors). They also pay attention to those who probably want to take their lives down a notch, who have maybe had the business for quite some time and now want to retire or semi-retire. There then tends to be a lot of value-add opportunities.

  • Adam and his company are in the business of buying businesses, which means they are the middle ground of business acquisition. They want to be more involved than a passive investor who just wants to make some extra money but not so involved that they are ‘owner operated’ and want to be involved in the everyday running. Adam and his company put the structure in place so that they don’t have to micromanage, effectively they are just going to ensure the cash keeps coming in and the business keeps growing.

  • If it is a good deal then it is a good deal. If skeletons come out and change the deal then it wasn’t a good deal and it’s ok to walk away. Don’t ever stop investigating and don’t be scared to walk away if you find something that you are unhappy with.

    • Adam’s biggest regret was not trusting his intuition earlier on in life, both in his professional and personal life. If your gut is telling you to do something, there is a reason and you should find a way to do it.




    “My focus is more on the business side…I typically focus first on the business and then the real estate sector”


    “We tend to be sector agnostic”


    We’re in the business of buying businesses”


    “The real cost isn’t the money…the real issue is the amount of time”


    “It’s incredible to slip the shoes on of someone who has already done all the work”



    Adam Markley

    Adam is partnered with Carol Alan and together they work on acquisitions, of businesses and commercial property. Adam looks after the private equity arm and the publishing arm.


    Dan Taylor

    Dan has completed over 36 transactions with a value in the tens of millions, though more importantly, he has added significant value by combining creative commercial property strategies and business buying strategies.

    Working with existing property investors and SSAS Pension owners. Dan helps accelerate your income, grow your wealth and reclaim your time to live life on your terms.

    Dan believes acquisitions are simply the fastest route to create cash flow and generational wealth.

    Dan loves to help investors create cash flow and grow their wealth by investing with him.

    Dan and his team do the deals so you don’t have to.

    Do you have a SSAS Pension or cash that’s not producing income and simply don’t have the time to do it yourself, then get in touch and if you qualify you may be able to invest with us acquiring businesses and commercial property.









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